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Cracking the Ikon Pass

Snow Summit, Big Bear
January 10, 2020

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At the end of last Winter, Em and I each paid $650 for an Ikon pass, imagining ourselves, skiing tariff-free on the slopes at Whistler, Aspen and Deer Valley.

None of that materialized, but I finally did get up there for the first ski of the season, a short but delightful afternoon at Snow Summit.

We almost didn't make it: we had made reservations at the Big Bear Motel 6 for Thursday night, so we could drive up after work and hit the slopes early Friday morning. But about 10 miles out on the 605 freeway, the newly serviced transmission on the Subaru collapsed or blew up or something. It only took about two hours to get it towed to our mechanic. And by the time we got home, we assumed our ski day was shot. But we persevered: drove up the next morning, fought the Friday crowds, and found ourselves skiing by 2pm -- something we never would have paid full freight for, but since the Ikon pass was prepaid, it didn't hurt.