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Private Ride Around Tom Sawyer Island

December 23, 2016

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We thought they were kidding when two Cast Members in Frontierland garb asked us if we would like a private raft ride around Tom Sawyer Island. "Of course! Who wouldn't?"

We were naturally skeptical. Was there a survey involved? Or worse: were they selling timeshares for Disney Travel Club? Or was it, perhaps, an outright kidnapping?

But we showed our usual degree of caution and jumped onto the raft. Sure enough, for reasons we have still not been able to figure out, it was a private raft ride around the island, and a nice chance to talk with our hosts, Wren and That Guy about the subtle differences between the Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer Island in Orlando and Anaheim, Paris and Hong Kong.

We savored the individual attention and waved enthusiastically at other guests on the Mark Twain or in line for the Haunted Mansion -- guests who must have wondered whether we had paid VIP prices or were being arrested.