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Arriving at Port Orleans, Riverside

Orlando, Florida
March 16, 2013

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"Here's your room," the desk clerk told us, pointing on the map to what was almost certainly the furthest building from Port Orleans' riverfront center. "It's a bit out there, but ... that's okay for just one night." Just an overnight until the bus would take us to Port Canaveral the next day for our cruise.

But we quickly ran the numbers and realized that by the time we schlepped our bags out to the back 40, changed into suits and made our way back, the big pool slide would be closed. So the girls yanked their suits out of their bags (which they then ditched with us) and ran for the ladies room and on to the pool.

Jen and I didn't get far with 8 bags. Rather than fight our way through the Florida woods like Ponce de Leon's porters, we made a neat pile and set up camp on the landing, where we could watch the boats and horse-carriages come and go as we unwound from a long day of travel with our drinks.