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Old Lahaina Luau

Lahaina, Maui
March 16, 2008

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Hawaii had been a mysterious memory for both of us, a place lost in the sands of time -- if not quite the time of Captain Cook and King Kamehameha, at least as far back as the Apollo-Soyuz mission (when I last visited) or the days of Oingo Boingo (when Jen did).

People kept telling us it was still out there, somewhere in the middle of the Pacific. But we couldn't see it -- not even from the Marin Headlands. Still, our friends Steve and Cali insisted it was there, and managed to talk us into flying out there to join them at their favorite Maui haunt over Spring Break.

Trotting through the terminal at Honolulu Airport, trying to make a tight connection to our island hopper, I moaned about the foolishness of signing up for a big pig-roasting luau on our arrival evening. But we made our flight, and made it across Maui in our convertible Mustang in plenty of time, Steve and Cali giving us directions over the cell phone and waiting to welcome us with fruity cocktails.

Down the road in Lahaina, sandwiched between the Cannery Mall and the Pacific, they put on one heckuva nice show, pulling roasted pig from the ground, pouring lots of fruity colored drinks, and performing lots of Polynesian booty-shaking into the warm tropical night.