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Em lands a job at Knott's Berry Farm!

Buena Park
Dec. 16, 2013

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Em took her resume in at 9am, had a call back at 3:30pm, and by 5pm called us and told us she had a job working the midway games at Knotts Berry Farm!

I wonder how many of the kids they interview for jobs can honestly say they love talking to families about their trips, their flights, their adventures, their kids. Her interviewers' must have smiled at their good luck to find this customer-service dream as they stamped "HIRED" on her application.

We jumped into the car and drove on over to help celebrate, wandering through the Ghost Town, which was free to enter and shop in during their Christmas Faire. Later, we had chili dogs from Pink's, our old Hollywood haunt which has now opened an outpost at Knott's.

All in all, a pretty fantastic day and evening.