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Inauguration Parade

Washington, DC
January 21, 2013

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We were kinda disappointed that we couldn't get any closer to the Capitol than we did. We could see the Capitol down Pennsylvania Avenue, and the Inauguration ceremony was broadcast on speakers all around. But we couldn't actually see the action on the steps.

But our patience waiting in the cold for the parade paid off. We got to talking with the cops lining the route, and they told us that this was the area that the presidents sometimes get out of their cars to walk. Then we noticed all the Secret Service guys scoping out the crowd, to make sure none of us looked too dangerous. We must have passed the test, because when the presidential limo reached us, it slowed and stopped, the doors opened, and out stepped Michelle and Barack, waving to us and moving on down the street holding hands.

I feel lucky to have lived so many years with presidents I have really liked -- Reagan's first term (before my politics evolved), Clinton's eight years, and now Obama's terms. Perhaps 20 years of my adult life with presidents I was proud to have helped elect.