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Grinding our butt bones to dust in North Holland

July 18, 2003

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We rented bikes -- a tandem for Em & me, a single with a child's seat for Jen & Ellie -- near Dam Square, and navigated through Amsterdam traffic to a free ferry behind Central Station, which takes you across the Ij River to North Amsterdam. In another 15 minutes, you're out of the city, riding along the dike, green fields, blue sea and brilliant sky as long as you can see. We rode about 4 hours north to a little village, Monikkendam, where we stuffed ourselves on good Dutch food before heading south again in sharp late-afternoon light that kept shining til about 10pm. Only the last hour was painful, and ibuprofen helped with that.

Click on the small shot at the page bottom for a short, virtual ride along a dike.