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Waterfight in Edam

Edam, Netherlands
July 19, 2003

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We fled Amsterdam in a rented Ford Fiesta, with all the usual hassles that come with renting a car in a foreign country ("This is not a confirmation, sir; this is a voucher...") and tooled on up to Edam, as in cheese. It was hot, too hot for cheese, so we managed a water fight along the canal instead.

After, we drove a few hours south to den Bosch, which I'd seen with the mini-MBA folks back in May -- a great little town for sightseeing and cafe sitting. We had intended to find a hotel around there, or near Aachen, but a string of SMS messages from Claudia, inviting us to a part in Münster that evening, lured us (okay, mostly me) to set off for the German border at 8pm. Looked like two hours on the map. Really.

Click on the small pic of Em & Ellie to see a short Quicktime movie of Em on the edge.