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Around Granada

June 3, 2012

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While the daughters and I peered into the crypt beneath Granada's Cathedral, where the bones of Ferdinand, Isabella, and their daughter Juana the Mad are interred, Jen waited at street level, saving 3 euros. But that allowed her to witness two Roma -- oh, okay: Gypsy -- women running their game on a young tourist family: hold out a branch of rosemary in offering; when it's accepted, they grab the hand and hold it while they blurt out a quick palm reading, then demand payment. Coins are bad luck and the smallest bill in Spain is a 5 euro note, so cough it up. After a few minutes witnessing the captive tourists' awkwardness and discomfort, Jen charged out of the lobby where she was waiting and implored them to just leave: it's a racket, just walk away!

No, Roma. No.