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Off to Girl Scout Camp

Sept. 30, 2005

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I dreamt, about a month ago, that we found a big old farm house, that seemed to be unoccupied. But we knew we were just kidding ourselves: the beds were made and there was fresh food in the kitchen. We wandered in anyway, started to make ourselves at home, and Em even got in bed in one of the rooms and took a nap. We convinced ourselves, without saying much about why, that the people who lived here probably wouldn't come back. Then thru a window in the service porch, I saw a man and a boy coming back. I ran through the house trying to rouse everyone, and get them out. I was trying to wake up Emily, and couldn't get her awake, when a splash of water across her face woke her -- thrown by the returning boy and man, who said they had to do it to wake her up.