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Boys Ahoy!

San Francisco Bay
Oct. 1, 2005

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Had to wait all summer for it, but finally got a perfect sailing day -- steady morning breezes as the fog lifted, strong winds all afternoon off Tiburon and in Raccoon Straits, and gentle puffs taking us back to the marina in the late-afternoon light.

And a good thing, too, since one of my crew had flown down from Portland for the day. To celebrate all our fall birthdays, three old friends from the dotcom days met up for a one-day reunion.

Paul was supposed to pick up Eddie at Oakland airport at 10am and bring him up to Brickyard Cove. But as I'm pulling into the marina parking lot, I get a voicemail from Eddie saying he's still stuck on the tarmac in Portland. Damn! So I call Schind's mobile to tell him the bad news ... and Eddie answers, with Schind laughing in the background. They're in Berkeley.

Great day sailing on the Bay with two of the funnest & funniest guys I know.