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After Ellie's Improv Show

Hollywood & Highland Park
August 11, 2018

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One of the nice things about Ellie taking Improv class -- in addition to Ellie learning more about comedy -- is that we have many more excuses to visit Hollywood than we did before. After her great graduation show ("no photography!") we ventured down Sunset Blvd...

Ten things we did after Ellie's Improv Show:

1. We stopped at a Tiki bar on Sunset Blvd and helped prevent a drunk from choking on his vomit in the bushes out front ("Roll him over! Roll him over!")

2. We assessed the crowded Tiki bar as a bad way to spend a half hour standing and waiting in a hot little room for a sweet cocktail.

3. We decided we should rent a little AirBnB apartment in Silverlake some weekend, and ride the Metro up from Long Beach with our backpacks.

4. We got our cocktails instead at one of the coolest venues around, the restored Highland Park Bowl.

5. We made our server's night by asking her, "Do people tell you all the time that you like just like Judy Garland?"

6. We received a Facetime from Ellie and her improv pals, and instead of taking the call at home on the couch, we were in Highland Park Bowl.

7. We accepted Ellie's invitation to come over to The Morrison and join her crew for a drink.

8. We were welcomed enthusiastically by Ellie's improv friends and spent a fun hour drinking and chatting about everything from the Illuminati to Sophia Coppola films.

9. We almost headed home after that but were drawn by the quiet allure of The Bigfoot Lodge across Los Feliz.

10. We fell in love with the Bigfoot Lodge and its happy National-Parks-meets-hipster-divey-bar vibe.