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Easter Morning

Santa Rosa
March 1999

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Baptism seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. But once you're up there in front of the priest and your family, he begins to ask you a lot of embarrassing questions about Jesus and Satan in a very loud voice. And, of course, you're in no position to begin debating theology from there. You're trying to keep the baby from crying, we're on a schedule. This is how religion gets done.

Our friend Mark flew up from L.A. to be Emily's godfather. He went with us to church in the outdoor cathedral before the christening. When the guys in shorts and sandals came back around for a second collection, he rolled his eyes. "And they say we Jews are bad!"

Mark was a good sport about answering the priest's demands on the altar, accepting Jesus' resurrection and the like. But later, back at the cabin, he confessed that it was an awkward moment. "That part about renouncing Satan ... that's a little touchy. I mean, I'm a bankruptcy lawyer."