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Toblerone Tower
Zurich Hauptbahnhoff
May 26, 2000

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Participatory advertising at the Zurich central train station today. Anyone with the will and a sweet tooth could help construct the Toblerone Tower: fold a Toblerone box, then wait in line to turn it in and you get four squares of Toblerone candy. Let's review the levels this works on:

  • Big yellow tower advertises Toblerone,
  • You get to take part in a big, community effort: we may be strangers passing in the Bahnhoff, but together, we build the Toblerone Tower!
  • Kills time waiting for your train
  • Make new friends in the long lines,
  • Friendly models collect the boxes, hand out the chocolate,
  • You get a yummy piece of Toblerone chocolate

Kudos to the ad folks at Toblerone in Switzerland!