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Pete & Julia's Wedding

Saugus, Calif.
Oct. 1, 2004

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I think we had forgotten they weren't married, actually, when they called from Vegas in late June to say that after 16 years together, they had finally tied the knot. But a blessing by an Elvis priest wasn't good enough for Julia's Italian family, so they invited a couple hundred of their friends and admirers to an evening church wedding followed by a reception at their produce stand up Bouquet Canyon Road. They donated their wine collection to the celebration, which helped keep it rolling until the DJ played Dirty Dancin's "Time of My Life" and went home.

We didn't go home. Instead, we drove the Eurovan over to their house behind the back forty, popped the camper top, pulled out the sleeping bags we keep stowed away, and slept until the monkeys and peacocks across the highway woke us around dawn.