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The End of the Parade at the Beginning of the Year at the End of a Decade

Rose Parade
January 1, 2019

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We introduced Ellie's boyfriend Matt ("He's not my boyfriend!!") to the Rose Parade, and our slacker tradition of sleeping in and catching it at the end of its 5-mile, 2-hour run, when all the high school bands are exhausted and the floats bent over and broken, many dragging along behind tow trucks.

We risked a few Danger Dogs. I think maybe Matt had two-- ah, the folly of youth!

And, as always, the site of the Altadena Sheriffs in their green uniforms triggered panic deep inside me, an instinctive reaction dating back to reckless high-school nights four decades ago, careening around the dark streets of Altadena in little Fiats and Hondas, committing countless misdemeanors and fleeing for our freedom. Today, safely in middle age, I view every other cop as a sort of helpful, if occasionally misguided, public servant; but the Altadena Sheriffs remain an exception.

Interestingly, this came up in my catch-up with Habib a few months ago --and he admitted to a bit of the same.