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Make-up party in Prenzlberg

July 26, 2003

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Claudia & Oliver live in Prenzlauer Berg, a trendy neighborhood just a few U stops northeast of Berlin's city center. It's centered around Kollwitz Platz, named for the Expressionist artist Kathe Kollwitz, who sketched and painted portraits of poor and hungry Germans in the bleak years following the first World War. But the Berliners around Kollwitzplatz are anything but poor, and the many Italian and Thai cafes ensure that they aren't going hungry, either.

Claudia used to work as a brand specialist for Nivea, so there were plenty of samples around to draw the interest of the daughters -- a sort of madness that only got better when the babysitter arrived and it turned out that she worked for Mary Kay and had spent the day at a large fashion show in the Tiergarten, handing out samples, and had a few left besides.

We stayed out kinda late on Saturday, and then got to drinking caprinha's on their balcony. I was a little startled to see the sky turning light around 4:30 am, and wasn't surprised when a neighbor finally stuck her head out of a window below and kindly pointed out the time for us. The four of us crashed on their sleeper couch and dozed solidly until 10am or so. After waking, I was in the bathroom washing my face when Jen stumbled in and looked in the mirror with me. She only said, "What is our deal?"