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Mark Visits Majulana

Casa Majulana
Forestville, Calif.
July 6-7, 2002

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MR blew into Sonoma County with an armful of tabloids and his always-positive attitude. It had been a few years since we managed to get him up here for a holiday weekend. The last one was the Labor Day when Princess Di got herself killed; I think that put a damper on the spirit. But this time around no celebrity younger than Ted Williams managed to go.

Our discussion on pulling "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance led Mark to suggest "In God We Trust" should come off the money, too, (not a bad idea), perhaps even to be replaced with sponsorship messages, as a way of raising funds. Record labels could bid to get Brittany onto the $20 bill, or a network could sponsor a whole series of quarters, each featuring a star on a new Fall show -- not unlike the TV Guide series covers.