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Mariachis in Ives Park

June 28, 2002

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What a buncha gringos we proved to be. When the band asked for requests, we couldn't come up with anything better than "La Cucaracha." They rolled their eyes and politely obliged.

It was a strange goodbye to O'Reilly, my little party in Ives Park after my last day. I was prompted by a short notice I read in the paper that Sebastopol would soon outlaw alcohol in its parks. Who knew they allowed it at all? So I thought we'd take advantage, and the mariachis just followed naturally from the notion of having Steve and Calli tote over their world-famous pickle jar full o' Sangria.

About 15 or 20 folks dropped by to see me off and wish me well, and to sit under the cool shade and listen to the music. For a brief, buzzed moment, somewhere in there, I thought, We oughta do this once a year. But maybe not: maybe better to let this be a one-time only thing.

(BTW, many of these photos are courtesy of Michael Morris, who has a nifty little digitial camera and shoots most of his images in a sequence, making it easy to pick the best shot or to create a little rollover, like the top shot of the mariachis.)