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On Enrique Iglesias' "Hero" Video

Just who is the real hero?
January 11, 2002

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DaveSims: hey, jamie
JBarnett92: yessir
DaveSims: you watch many videos?
JBarnett92: Now and again, sure
DaveSims: you seen this Enrique Iglesias video, where Mickey Rourke is beating the shit out of Enrique in the desert, at the end
DaveSims: ?
JBarnett92: oh my lord
JBarnett92: no.
DaveSims: you've seen it right?
JBarnett92: no!
DaveSims: Jennifer Love Hewitt is the love interest.
JBarnett92: oh my lord.
JBarnett92: Battle for Jailbait
DaveSims: Jennifer, btw, won the "Is it Hot in Here, or is that my video" award for her performance in this one
JBarnett92: God, I need to see it now.
JBarnett92: lemme hit morpheus
DaveSims: I want you to -- if you have the time this weekend -- bop on over to enriqueiglesias.com and watch the "Hero" video.
DaveSims: no need to Morph it -- Enrique streams it for you
JBarnett92: I will!
DaveSims: at a higher quality than the version on Morpheus
DaveSims: I got a different take on it, I think than the producers intended
JBarnett92: Which is?
DaveSims: who's the hero?
DaveSims: watch it, and we'll talk
JBarnett92: ok, getting it now
JBarnett92: I'm on 56K so I may lose bits of it
DaveSims: I think you'll figure it out
JBarnett92: Nice hat, Ricky
DaveSims: must be kinda hot in the mojave with that
DaveSims: so ...
DaveSims: what are they doing?
JBarnett92: really. Jackass
DaveSims: well, they're escaping
DaveSims: from ??
DaveSims: hmmm... they got somebody's money....
JBarnett92: just starting it
JBarnett92: shush
JBarnett92: lemme see ikt
DaveSims: ok
JBarnett92: Nice desperado jacket on enrique
DaveSims: no flamenco action tho
JBarnett92: same, really
JBarnett92: there should be flamenco whenever possible
JBarnett92: nice earrings on Jen
JBarnett92: OK, I think I missed some
DaveSims: yeah, that ain't all that 's nice on Jen!
DaveSims: earrings!
JBarnett92: How did they meet up?
JBarnett92: heh
DaveSims: y'now I didnt notice the earrings
JBarnett92: see also: jailbait
JBarnett92: he's athief, but he stole from the bad guys, so that's OK
DaveSims: maybe long ago.
DaveSims: is it?
DaveSims: does he need the money?
DaveSims: here's the thing: Enrique could get jLH, even if he didnt hav a dime...
DaveSims: but -- has Mickey come on yet?
DaveSims: what else does mickey have going for him?
DaveSims: where are you now
JBarnett92: I saw the whole thing
DaveSims: ok
DaveSims: Enrique doesn't need the money...
JBarnett92: well, he's ACTING
DaveSims: he shows that by letting it fly out the car, and by burning it...
JBarnett92: oh, I missed that
DaveSims: message: I dont need the money -- I took it to hurt Mickey
DaveSims: ok ...
DaveSims: so....
DaveSims: Mickey and his boys, they NEED money to get a girl like JLH, right?
JBarnett92: and then he gets shot. I'd say "jackass" versus hero
DaveSims: so they go hunting down their money...
DaveSims: Mickey is a total gentleman
DaveSims: 1: he doesn't bitch-slap JLH
JBarnett92: ahaha
DaveSims: 2. He tosses away his gun; doesn't need it for this punk
DaveSims: 3. lets EI take the first punch
JBarnett92: outlaw Code
DaveSims: 4. Doesn't kill Enrique
DaveSims: 5 Doesn't even muss up EI's face, not even break his teeth
JBarnett92: how does he end up on the ground bleeding then?
DaveSims: 6. leaves JLH to nurse him back to health!
DaveSims: WHO'S THE HERO?????
JBarnett92: I totally missed something
JBarnett92: there IS none!
DaveSims: MICKEY!
JBarnett92: it's the whole anti-hero thing made popular in the early 70s with Popeye Doyle, spiderman, etc
JBarnett92: I must say: you've spent some time thinking about this.
DaveSims: all night and all day
DaveSims: If --- and you can save this IM ---
JBarnett92: uh oh
DaveSims: If this video does not generate for Mickey Rourke's career the same sort of effect we saw for Travolta after Pulp Fiction
DaveSims: than I will be surprised.
JBarnett92: Gad, I hope so. Poor Mickey

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