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First Jab

St. Mary's Hospital
Long Beach
March 11, 2021

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Jen had managed to score first shots for a fair number of people, including Sue, Jerry, Alex, the cousin Dob's, and Nicole's parents. But I had resisted -- not from any anti-vax concerns, but just because I didn't want to feel as if I was jumping the queue. Finally, in the last days of the last hour that her hospital was giving out first jabs, I relented. We meandered around outside for an hour, waiting to see if any spare doses were left and were rewarded when the administrators said there were a few doses of Moderna available.

"We're going to go by age," she said. "How old--"

"FIFTY-EIGHT!" Jen shouted.

That was good enough to win the second of four leftover doses.

Blue skies ahead.