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Got Latch?

World's Breastfeeding Championship
MLK Park
Aug. 3, 2002

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There was no shortage of snickery puns at the festival around the effort to break the world's record of Most Mothers Breastfeeding Simultaneously. "This is one event where you win by sucking," one father kidded to another.

We rode BART over from The City to meet Shawn & Bruce & Kindy & Arlo for the event. On the train, we spotted a trio of earthy moms, their babes in slings, communing in the open area. Jen sat down with them and struck up conversation, asking if they were going to the event (of course they were), and saying we were, too. At which point the mothers looked at our 4- and 6-year-old, climbing the chairs and poles on the train, then back at Jen, with looks that fell somewhere between, "you sick #@$%," and "should we call Child Protective Services?"