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Icy Cold

February 26, 2003
Boston Common
Boston, Mass.

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Lang said: "I got mugged over there, one night years ago." They held him down and rifled through his pockets, getting away with a few bucks but missing $300 in the pocket of his sport coat. Well, we live and learn: he never got mugged again.

We walked as quickly as we could, two California guys taking a break from the early Spring at home to marvel at the brisk New England winter. Interesting! Refreshing! Yes, for a few minutes, but by the time we were halfway back across the Common, our ears were freezing and in pain. How cold do you think? Lang asked. I remembered arctic-style winds screaming down the Iowa River, biting my exposed skin, years ago in grad school. Ten below, I said. Lang laughed. Maybe with the wind chill. We scurried across frozen streets and ducked into Legal Seafood to warm up at the bar. Refreshing, yes -- but only in small doses.