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23rd Wedding Anniversary

Sept. 3, 2012

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After our breakfast at Jeffrey's Hillside, we were riding our tandem -- Jen in her old green summer dress, me in my straw porkpie -- down Montgomery to catch a movie downtown. Near Memorial, a car full of 4 young guys slowed as it passed us. The guy riding shotgun leaned out the passenger window and looked back at us.

Here it comes! I thought, accustomed as I am to the occasional shouts and road rage that cars sometimes have for bicyclists. I braced myself as he started to shout:

"You two are ADORABLE!"

Still confused and on guard, I waited for the beer can to follow. But when the guy sitting in back turned around and gave us a thumbs-up in the window, we realized they were genuine, and we relaxed as they sped away.