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"We're Fair Junkies"

Santa Rosa
July 23, 2002

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And I'm on record as saying so in the local paper. Our hyperactivity at the squirt guns in the Midway caught the attention of a team from the Press Democrat, who followed us around a bit, shot some photos, and quoted us for their Opening Day story. (Now that my final column has run, I find this is the only way I can get press, by planting myself in the way of reporters.) It was great -- even though my quotes were taken a bit out of context: I didn't say we have more fun at Disneyland, I just said that the Fair was the girls' Second Favorite Place on Earth, Disneyland being the first.

We had a great day; I should remember that opening day at the fair is one of those family holidays that parents should take off of work, like Halloween. Gates opened at 10am and we were in by 10:02, had time to check our prizes in the craft halls: Em took a blue ribbon for her water color of a rose in a cobalt vase, and I won a yellow fifth place ribbon for my black-and-white portrait of the ladies.

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