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"Have Fun in Smell-A"

Los Angeles, Calif.
March 15, 2002

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On the way home from L.A., I told Em about the time we hit a corvette head-on on the freeway. It was years ago, Jen, Laura and I were on the 5 at around midnight in Orange County, doing about 65, and a corvette blew past us on the right. Just ahead of us, it lost control, spun 180 degrees, and slammed into the center divider, bouncing back into the fast lane in the wrong direction -- two headlights pointed at us. I jammed on the brakes and managed to slow us to about 25 or so before crashing into it. It, being made of fiberglass, which I told Em is like plastic, shattered into pieces. My Cavalier was able to start up, and I drove on over to the right shoulder.

A moment later, a van pulled up and about eight guys jumped out of it. Some of them came over to us and asked if we were all right. A few others raced across the three lanes of the freeway to the vette, and pulled two guys out of it. They dragged them back across the freeway and threw them in the van.

"You sure you're all right?" one of them checked a final time. We were a little shook, but all right. So he jumped in, and they drove off. The vette was left in the fast lane, in pieces, smoldering.

Later, the Highway Patrol told us that the vette had been stolen earlier that evening -- coincidentally from the same street I lived on in Hollywood, 30 miles away. They must have been out for a joy ride, and the guys in the van were probably their friends.

All Em had to say was, "Anybody who would buy a plastic car is an idiot!"