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UCLA Bound!

Long Beach
April 24, 2019

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After a chilly year at Emerson in Boston, after a gap year that took her to Disney's College Program in Orlando as well as Bangkok and Vietnam, after a year at Long Beach City College gathering transfer credits, Ellie applied to four UC campuses-- and waited.

UC Irvine said yes, and that was good.

UC Santa Barbara said yes, and we all knew that would be a beautiful place to spend two years.

And then Berkeley said yes -- a real honor and feather in her cap, but still not her first choice

Then, like the main act coming on stage after the warm-ups, an email came from UCLA advising her to check her acceptance status online.

Matt and I watched anxiously as she logged in, ready to cheer or console. She held her poker face for a moment. Then a slight smile. Then: "I got in!"

Following in her parents' footsteps, another Bruin in the family.