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Summer's Fading Glory

Belmont Shore
Sept. 4, 2004

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Ellie and I were munching on bagels in front of the bagel shop (me: jalapeno; her: plain, with butter) on 2nd Street in Naples, watching the Sunday morning bicyclists race by when, a few stores down, two cyclists crashed into each other, then bounced off a parked Envoy and toppled onto the pavement. Three people on the sidewalk rushed over to them, and before Ellie & I could think about whether to shift ourselves, the cyclists were standing, dusting themselves off and smiling. A local security patrol arrived moments later, proferring band-aids and salves, and they soon rode off. When the three peds reached us, we asked what happened. They said they were friends with the riders.

"We waved at them, and when they waved back, they lost their balance and crashed," the woman said. "I guess I know what the conversation at church this morning is going to be."