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Girl Scouts at the Magic Kingdom

So Cal
June 22-25, 2007

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We are not much help when the Girl Scout troop goes camping, with our "camping-lite" philosophy and dearth of cool camping gear. We tend to be amazed that someone remembered to bring meat and charcoal, and wind up freeloading.

On the other hand, thanks to our So Cal roots, we do know how to take kids to Disneyland and the beach. In fact, we're experts. We shared our expertise and skill at timing rides to miss crowds, synchronizing Fast-Pass acquisition, and playing the two parks off the timing of crowds to show nine girls and two other moms a whirlwind tour of Disneyland and California Adventure -- with a lazy beach day built in for rest in between. And remarkably, through that whole weekend with 9 pre-teen girls, there were no major fights or meltdowns.

Kelly, the troop leader, sent an email to thank us a few days later, ending on a note that was music to our ears: for the rest of the year, "you're off the hook!"