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Whose Thinkpad?

Sebastopol, Calif.
May 8, 2000

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Dale was eyeing my Vaio this morning, asking questions about it as he considered an upcoming business trip abroad. It's light -- but at a cost. It's a tad unreliable, and it doesn't have a floppy or CD-ROM drive, no easy way to get software into it.

"Don't do it, Dale," Peter chimed in from behind the cube's sneeze guard. "Get a ThinkPad like Derrick's new one." What new ThinkPad? Derrick stood up and called over the cube walls that his new ThinkPad was the real thing: light, thin and powerful.

"Where is it," Dale asked, and we all eagerly -- foolishly! -- rushed to get it from Rob, who was prepping it for Derrick. We excitedly showed Dale how light it was, how large the screen, how capable it was, complete with drives!

Dale liked it a lot.

An awful lot.

Maybe Rob will order Derrick another one. Maybe Derrick will get about the time Dale's firing up the ThinkPad on his trans-Atlantic flight.