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Summer's Toast

Casa Majulana
Sept. 23, 2007

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Although rain delayed it for a day -- the first rain in 6 months! -- about half our guests were still able to come to our end-of-summer party at the cottage, Summer's Toast.

We set up a bar on the dock, and since it was there before anyone arrived, we took to passing out cocktails to random passersby -- a Malibu rum punch for a woman kayaker and a gin and tonic for a dad in a canoe. That was pretty fun, but I think it would be a different scene on Fourth of July.

Tom brought his beautiful little pram boat, Pip, and it was a mighty pretty site seeing that boat scoot along the river.

Heidi -- Eugenie & Klaus' two-month-old little girl -- got her first boat ride, though not in Pip, which looked a little small, a little unsteady to Mama Eugenie's eye.

Having to move the party to a Sunday cut down our plans for a long evening of port, chocolate and board games. But I think everyone enjoyed the evening on the porch -- including Tommy, who made himself at home between Ben and Ray.

Here's a slideshow of these pics on Flickr.