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On Stinson Beach

Aug. 15, 2004

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I caught one last straggler shooting star out at Stinson Beach, around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. That was a good 60 hours after this year's Pleides shower was supposed to be winding up, but there it was, streaking across the Western sky while I walked Tommy past a row of multimillion-doller beach shacks, where Lang and MJ and Kiki had invited us for a midsummer overnight.

There were a lot of interesting things to see out there: pelicans visiting Bollinas Lagoon, a trio of sea lions swimming in the surf, toddlers doing downward-dog pose. Ellie found a crab graveyard under some rocks. And late at night, across the water, the amber glow of The City's Ocean Beach neighborhood -- a surprising thing to see, especially since we had driven down the coast highway from Tomales, and felt like we were still up in our woods, far from the urban glow.