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March 20, 2005

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About a month ago, I called up our company's training office in New York to confirm the dates of a workshop I was supposed to attend in Florida this spring. I got to chatting with Barbara on the phone, and at one point she paused and said, "You know... we are having one in Singapore, too ... if you could go a few weeks earlier. We're trying to get people from North America to attend, too."

I told her I just might be able to help. And a few weeks later, found myself wandering around Chinatown and Boat Quay along the Singapore River. Roger, our man in Singapore, took me out to the Raffles Hotel for Singapore Slings at the Long Bar, followed up by a tasty veal dinner.

On Saturday, I wandered around exploring a bit, until I was rescued from my meandering by a hospitable Singaporean, Indy, who thanked me for showing her how to work the twilight mode on her new digital camera by showing me around a bit.