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Riding Ice Blocks at Shoshone Falls

Twin Falls, Idaho
July 2, 2006

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Our waitress at Idaho Joe's told us we couldn't leave town without seeing this hitherto unknown marvel -- and we were grateful for her counsel. (It made up for her trying to get us to sign away their liability when Jen ordered her burger medium rare. "Just in case," she had told us, while holding out the bill for our signature. I asked, didn't she think the first responsibility of a restaurant was to serve food that's safe? So they brought it nearly burnt.)

At these falls, the Snake River pours over the cliff just a few miles upstream from the spot where a faulty parachute foiled Evel Kneivel's attempt to rocket across the canyon in 1974.

We did some daredevil stunts of our own when some locals left behind the ice blocks they were using to slide down this grassy hill. (Video) While the girls were sliding out of control, Nurse Jenny stood guard in front of a tree at the base of the hill, which she dubbed the "spinal-cord-injury" tree.