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Petit St. Vincent
March 12, 2011

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In the morning I lowered the dinghy off the transom and pulled the engine to life as Scott and Danny climbed in. I pointed the dinghy towards Mobion Island, a sand bar off the western tip of Petit St Vincent. On the sandbar, we could just make out a large umbrella planted in the sand. As we bounced over the waves and got closer, we could see that it was made of palm fronds and mounted on a large pole, maybe a concrete pylon. Scott said that at the sailing club he belonged to in Sausalito, there was a wall of photos of different sailors beside this umbrella. He didn't know who put the umbrella up originally. Maybe it was for a movie or a TV commercial.

I slowed the engine as the dinghy slid in the surf onto the soft sand. Dan jumped out and grabbed the bow line. Then we all pulled the dinghy up onto the beach and walked over to the umbrella. We took Scott's picture first. Then, as long as we were there, we took pictures of Dan and me in front of it, too. If we ever join Scott's sailing club, we'll be all set.





The Umbrella on Mopion Sandbar from Dave Sims on Vimeo.