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Plum Island

North Shore
September 24, 2016

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We rented a car at Logan and drove up the North Shore, out to see the New England beach on Plum Island. After a lobster roll out at a roadside fish shop, we rolled slowly through Newburyport, shouting out the windows at the interlopers who had moved in since we Sawyers loosened our grip on the town in the mid 17th century.

"That's right! We own this town! We named these streets after our friends! These houses? They're all ours ... and we're coming back, soon..."

After that we drove up to Salisbury Beach, which looked just a few weeks past its prime -- or maybe a few decades. We spent all our quarters at Joe's Playland, then redeemed our earned tickets for a couple of Tootsie Pops. I think they cost more than the half pound of salt-water taffy that Ellie brought back for her roommates.