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A Nurse at Last!

Jen's Pinning Ceremony
May 21, 2006

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From where I sit, comfortably at the keyboard or on conference calls, she crossed a threshold some years back, on the night of her anatomy class when they first had her take scalpel to cadaver. I remember thinking, after I put the girls to bed and while I waited for her to get home, that after dabbling in biology and chemistry, she was now embarking forever from the safe and sanitized world of liberal arts. She was diving into another world where instead of playing with words and numbers, you're responsible for people's bodies and lives.

When she walked in the door that night, still visibly shaken, I had a chilled glass of chardonnay poured out for her. She grabbed it without stopping, tossing it back as she made her way to a hot shower. And never looked back.