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Lakewood Mall
June 14, 2004

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Had to call around a bit to find a local place where they had two people who could shoot the studs into both ears at once -- guaranteeing that the patient couldn't change her mind after the first one. When both guns went ka-chunk, Ellie started, and a worried look came over her face as she waited to see if it would get any worse. When it didn't, she smiled and asked for a mirror.

Em had the misfortune to go second. While we eyeballed the dots on her lobes and asked for this one to be moved a bit up, that one a bit forward, Em had plenty of time to think about that ka-chunk. Too much time, actually. She jumped off the chair, and was ready to flee into the mall with naked lobes when the manager told her about magnetic earrings. Both girls left Claire's with their first earrings, but only one has holes in her lobes.

On about the same day, 400 miles north, their cousin Katie had the same idea. I wonder: next year, will they all go out for tattoos after school ends?