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Dipping the Rail

The Bay
October 2, 2007

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Peter and I played hookie to get out on the Bay on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon (Christian bailed on us... something about "working"). Our motor conked out on us twice just a few yards from the slip, so we sailed out of the marina -- no easy feat given the tight space and direct head wind. Only took about 6 jibes to make it.

Coming around the leeward side of Angel Island, the temperature dipped about 15 degrees as we sailed into the strong mid-Bay winds. Out there, we had a wild sail, dipping the rail into the choppy surf. Christian called while we were out there, and he said he could see us from the 48th floor of our building.

Without our motor, we hoped that the late afternoon winds would persist late enough to bring us home. As the sun went down, the channel became as smooth as a lake. But barely perceptible puffs brought us into the marina, and with sailors' patience -- channelled from another age -- we made our way to the slip, furling the jib as we turned in so that we gently coasted to a stop dockside. Perfect!

(A few of these pics are Peter's.)