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On Broadway:
McDonald's McVeggie Burger

June 26, 2000

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To celebrate the mapping of the human genome, I made my way down to Times Square. I was sure the streets would be filled with V-J-style crowds, sailors kissing women in house dresses, that kind of thing.

No luck on that, but I did notice that in addition to its annual Beanie Baby madness, McDonald's was promoting its new McVeggie burger. Rumors have circulated in Western circles for years that McDonald's was selling a veggie burger in Hindu India, but this was news, that it had made it around the world.

I skipped my regular visit to Sbarro, the official restaurant of Times Square, and (although Jen will be disappointed that I didn't order a Happy Meal) ordered a McVeggie and, to go with it, the drink that seemed most appropriate, a Hi-C orange soda.

First impressions: not bad. I mean, no McDonald's hamburge is really any good, but here's one that you don't have to feel quite as guilty the moment after shoving the last piece into your cake hole.