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New Orleans Stopover

French Quarter
February 17, 2018

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The shortest distance between two points is a line.

The longest distance between two points is a line that runs down Royal Street.

I'd planned to stop over in New Orleans on my way home from a week of meetings in Boston, to carouse on Friday night with Andy and Heather and friends, in the Crescent City to celebrate his 40th birthday. But somewhere on the road between Boston to Charlotte to Lousiania, I got sicker and sicker.

Might have had something to do with all the Thursday night carousing I suffered through in Boston with the Bain team.

In any event, once I made it to my hotel room sometime around dusk, I wasn't able to get out until sometime Saturday morning. We had time for brunch and a bit of a wander through the French Quarter before I had to break off to head to the airport and home: Ellie was flying back from Vietnam that day, and I wanted to get home in time to pick her up at LAX.