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Shopping on Newbury Street

Nov. 16, 2005

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Things were not going as well as I had hoped on Newbury Street. I had put aside an hour for shopping for Jen, between meetings in the Boston office and the taxi ride to Logan, to try to find something as good as the well-received tops I brought back from Zara on the Champs d'Elysees for the girls last month. Jen liked one of Ellie's size 8 tops so much she squeezed into it.

But I had struck out for her, so I was trying to make amends. The shops along Newbury Street weren't cooperating, and 50 minutes into the hour, the leading contender was a black-ish t-shirt from Lucky Jeans -- maybe slightly off brand for Jen?

In desperation I abandoned Newbury and cut over to Boylston. A fresh wave of optimism rolled over me as I spotted Anthropologie, but I was disappointed by the lack of anything near what I was looking for on the first, then second floors. I trudged up to three, resigning myself to paying $80 for the t-shirt, and then at the far corner of the room spotted it -- a little shoulder jacket thing, with an art-nouveau flowered look. Spring colors, so marked down to a ridiculously low price. The sale racks in that back corner contained other treasures, too, and within 10 minutes I was seated in the back of a cab, on my home, with a wrapped box of sure-fire winners.

Of course, I couldn't relax until the 757 touched ground at the edge of San Francisco Bay hours later. Imagine if something had happened, and she had never known how well I'd scored.