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Three Scottish Flight Attendants With a Can of Lighter Fluid

The Nag's Head
Covent Garden
May 1, 2018

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We arrived early for our dinner with our old friend John, so we decided to stop in at a pub for a quick one. While Jen was at the bar I noticed one of the women at the next table trying to fill a Zippo lighter. She didn't appear to know what she was doing, and looked too drunk to be able to do it if she did.

I offered to help, and thus began one of the funnest half hours of the trip. They were Scottish flight attendents, they told us through thick Glaswegian accents. They had missed their flight, and asked if they could stay with us for the night, plied us with liquor, borrowed my glasses and hat, and begged us not to leave for our dinner with John.

"A' ya' nevah beene ta Glazgow?" Zoe asked at one point.

"Never," I replied as I tossed back a shot of tequila. "But it just went way up on my list!"