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A Last Bit of Normal Before the Coronavirus Lockdown

Mammoth Mountain
March 6-8, 2020

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The first day on the mountain was pretty cold and snowy. The three of us got in maybe a dozen runs -- the girls a few more, since the continued to ski while I went into the Main Lodge to get a latte and lose my good gloves.

The second day was beautiful! Em and I rode a gondola up to the summit and skiied for a couple of great hours ... until the power went off and all the lifts stopped.

Power was still off at noon when we loaded into the Subaru and headed back to LA with Jen. (Matt & Ellie were already on the road ahead of us.)

In hindsight, seems like a foreshadowing of the weirdness and forced not-doing-ness that we were about to experience across our entire lives as coronavirus became a real thing.