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Giving Copenhagen a Second Chance

June 21, 2005

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I remember our first trip to Copenhagen, back in 1989, as something of a bust. Dark and rainy, cold and wet. We wandered around a near-empty Christiana and peered through the closed gates of Tivoli. It was so depressing that we abandoned our plan to continue north and instead, after just one day of Scandinavia, we wandered, soaking wet, back to the the train station and hopped onto a train bound for sunny Spain, never to return.

Until this summer. After a three-leg flight, we crashed for a nap in our hotel then wandered out to explore Copenhagen's old town. We waited out a brief but intense thundershower under the awning of a polske stand then made our way towards the University district, where we saw these guys trying out a little BMX Copenhagen style (click thumbnails).