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Dropping Off the Daughters, in the Path of Hurricane Irma

Central Florida
September 4-5, 2017

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For the second autumn in a row, we drove across the country and delivered daughters (two this time!) to Disney World, for a semester in the college program.

This time we managed to drop them off right in the path of an approaching hurricane -- Irma, one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded, though dwarfed in 2017's disaster season by the damage caused by other storms like Harvey in Houston (whose northern remnants we drove through one night crossing Arkansas), and Maria, which devestated Puerto Rico. (Not to mention the Sonoma and Napa wildfires that wreaked havoc on our home town.) The shelves were already bare as we helped them stock up on food for their dorm suites, and we felt a little uneasy flying away and leaving them to brave the storm without us. But they took it with ease, and even had some fun during the hurricane parties, I think.