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"So Cool! He Enjoy Hisself!"

Hong Kong Disneyland
April 30, 2019

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I felt like I was about 11 years late getting Ellie to Hong Kong Disneyland. Back in 2008, on our way home from Thailand, she and I had a layover in Hong Kong. Our metro ride from the airport hotel to town took us right past the spur line out to Disneyland, and I practically had to restrain her from jumping out to go there. I felt like it wouldn't be fair to Jen and Em for us to go without them. And, after all, I figured we would be back in another year or two.

It took a little longer than I had expected, but I was glad that I was finally able to get her there.

The highlight of the visit was Celia's performance as the skipper of our Jungle Cruise boat. She gets the Mark Ruffalo award for giving an over-the-top emotional performance, never pausing once she got going. And she does this six times an hour, all day long!