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Herb's Paintings

Casa Majulana
May 29, 2005

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These paintings have hung on the walls of our cottage, Casa Majulana, since my grandfather (who built the cottage in 1947) painted them in the 1950s and 1960s. They are icons not only of my youth, but of the generations before and afer me, too. With the exception of the painting of a canal in Kashmir, they are all original paintings that my grandfather -- Pop, we called him -- went out to paint himself, on the River, at Pinnacles, and in Palm Desert.

There are also a few mosaic tables that and a large mosaic of sailboats, which hangs over the windows.

  Pinnacles, 1961

  untitled, undated

  Grand Canal in Srinigar, Kashmir

  Pinnacles, 1961

  Russian River

  Russian River

  Palm Desert