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Finding Our Cedar

Spirit of Christmas Tree Farm
Gravenstein Highway
Dec. 3, 2006

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Charges of treason were levelled at Jen and me when we suggested to the daughters that we might want to look someplace other than our traditional tree farm for the cedars we like to have at Christmas. In recent years, these soft trees that don't scratch up the hands of the girls that decorate them have become a bit scarce at the farm. But, as we didn't know whether other tree farms provide an old hot army stove where one can warm oneself and sip hot cider or chocolate while waiting for the guys to blow and bag the tree, we returned. And we were glad to discover a far-back corner of the farm where someone with foresight had planted a grove of cedars some years back, the first ones just ready to be cut and dragged home this year, and plenty more awaiting their turn in years to come.