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"It's Not Daylight; It's Just Me!"

Doran Beach
June 12, 2005

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We caught the tail end of Peter's birthday camp-out on a windy spit of land in Bodega Bay. Felt a little overdressed in our Eurovan, but its warm and still shelter proved popular with a group of 6 or 7 women who gradually made their way in to escape the torrent. I had never thought to put a table cloth and candle in the van.

We woke to a brightness we hadn't expected. "It's not daylight," Peter shouted to us. "It's just me" in his gumby pajamas.

The weather proved kinder in the morning. Warm sun and sand, just enough charred firewood left at the end of the weekend to toast a few more marshmallows, and enough wind to fly a couple of kites.